$50 to $30 off if you prebook.

If you prebook before the start of a tour say I'm in Nashville and then I'm going home for a few days then going back to Huntsville and then Knoxville the next tour, well as long as you schedule in the Nashville  tour or while I'm home you will receive $50 off but if you schedule when I have already started that tour, as long as you prebook 24 hours in advance you will receive just the $30 off... so please try to prebook. I dont like going on tour when no one has booked so if no one books for an area then I will not be going.  K thanks and hope y'all have a good understanding of this. If you dont feel free to email me at 📧 📧

Premium SnapChat or others

Go to:  So please go join my only fans. There will be lots more to come, promise.  I will put at least 3 good pics up and 1 video per week. if you sign up for my snapchat please send me a screenshot of your receipt so I can add you to my private story but snapchat you would get more pics and on onlyfans you would receive more videos. 


My link is  and on there you can subscribe to both the and my snapchat. Hopefully one of these will fit your needs.


Hey everyone! So sometime within this next year. I plan on going bak to school and starting my ow  n family. but the best part is I  WANT TO BE YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT! I  am coming up with packages now to offer you ladies or even gents. I have been thinking of what I was going to do when I retire and all of a sudden it just hit me. I can book calls, I know how to verify, I can post ads. I know how to make banners and I can take good enough pics that people will question you asking if there professional or not. I am professional, I dont argue with clients and I always make things right If I have messed up. The biggest thing is I have never gotten into any trouble. I can handle your whole business for you. I promise you wouldnt regret it. Im a hard worker and I am very o.c.d so if you know anything about me just know I have to have everything perfect so just know you will get the best quality of work done by yours truly, Chloe Cummins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Phone sex, Webcam?

So I have signed up for sextpanther but have not heard anything back yet. I will put the links up on my site so you will know.  I am really excited to see what that is all about. I am kinda nervous when it comes to the whole dirty talking thing. Sometimes Im not scared what the other person is going to think then at other times Im so nervous it is ridiculous.  

If you want to go to my niteflirt you can see it on the links page and it will say call now if I am available. Cant wait to chat:) 

Panties? OH, My

I ordered about a grand or more worth of Victoria Secrets panties if anyone is interested in buying them. Please let me know. I will either just except the money for this or sign up for one of those sites. I still need to look into this still.


Well I have created this little membership status for everyone. I will be doing all this very soon. There will be 3 levels starting with silver, Gold and then platinum and you will receive very good rewards and you will get to know information before others...No cost just if you visit me more you will get certain incentives. Which most everyone has and will come back. Why wouldnt they I'm the perfect girlfriend and I'm not fake about it. If I don't like you, I will not see you plain and simple. 

Hello....Discretion is VERY


I just want all my clients know that anything that happens between us or any information you give me to be verified is and will only be seen and read by my eyes. I will 100% respect you and your information. I would never just give out your information unless you told me to. Thank you for everyone who respects me:)