What will you wear?

I have a variety of items in my wardrobe and I have a variety of items to fit for any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. I usually only allow established clients to request what I should wear unless we are going to a very public place. I will never wear anything questionable though. 

How can i give you your donation?

Please provide the cash in an envelope and put it on the table or somewhere in plan site. Then please excuse yourself to the restroom, so then we are both at ease knowing that payment is received.  Or you can pay via paypal, cashapp, venom, chime or I guess zelle. I also will be taking credit cards now as well, so if anyone needs to pay that way I have a square card reader but you will have to pay the 3% fee. K Thank you.

Are the photos of you real?

yes, Absolutely!! I definitely don't believe in putting up fake pictures, or pictures that are out of date. They are recent, except the ones that say old photos but I still pretty much look the same. 

Do you travel?

Yes, I do. I usually travel the same cities, but I want to travel to new cities soon. If there is a city you would like me to visit please let me know, or if you want to have me travel to you specifically, then please contact me and you will need to give me at least a 2 week notice. 

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash is the best method, but I will accept paypal, cashapp, venmo, chime, and zelle but only from established clients.  I can take credit cards now. I have a square card reader but you will need to pay the 3% fee. 

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach me is always via email. A cantact number will be provided once you have booked an appointment, but only on the day of your appointment. Established clients will of course have my number, so they can contact me on my number as they are already screened and we dont have to go thru that process. 

Can we meet briefly for coffee or drinks, so that I can see if we will get along?

Yes, absolutely! But if you want to just meet in public first like at a Starbucks or something it will be $80 for 15 to 30 mins as time is pretty much the same. 

Are your pics really you?

Yes, of course they are! All my pics are of me and all of them are recent except the ones that I specifically say are older, but I pretty much look the same, except maybe different hair color, and maybe the weight. The ones that are recent is exactly how I look. I dont believe it is right to deceive anyone. 

Are your rates negotiable?

Sorry, they are not, so please don't ask. Please don't try to negotiate with me. I find it offensive and I will end all communication immediately. I will randomly have specials and I have a VIP members, and you will get your prices discounted but you have to see me so many times to even become apart of my VIP members. 

Can you bring a girlfriend along?

Yes, but you need to let me know as I charge differently for couples and you will have to book at least a minimum of 90 minutes. 

Do you like gifts?

Yes I love gifts, although they are not required or expected. If you wish to indulge me, please check my wishlist for somethings that will bring a smile to my face.

How far in advance can I book an appointment?

I prefer 24 hours notice, but if you are an established client I would like for you to give me 4 hours notice, but keep in mind that I may not be available so the more time you allow the better. For travel to another city or state I prefer 2 or 3 days notice.